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  • "Question: If you were in a life or death situation and could only save ONE guy, who would it be? Also how are you liking Jack so far?"

    This question is quite easy for me, CALISTO BABY I'll save you! However, I would try hard to save the other guys too, but I'd definitely save him first. No contest on that one. For the second question, my opinion on Jack hasn't wavered. Still looks, not enough personality but hey that's just my opinion. I mean maybe if I actually met him I would say otherwise but being on the outside and already lovestruck by someone else he's not impressing me much. Yeah I'm kind of stubborn that way, *shrugs* oh well you guys can have him, he's all yours. Anyways, WTF how the hell did Erika's goons get Jake? Isn't he supposed to be good looking AND strong? Huh, I guess you can't have it both ways these days. But seriously, two of them were taken out by Adam (who is a regular guy) in a school hallway in a matter of minutes? What's going on Jake? You loosing your edge or something? I mean yeash, they're all going on about how I should watch out. Yeah, so you guys are saying that when Jake's on his death bed. Wow, what a bunch of hypocrites... all except you Calisto *sighs* oh right and Josh but... *sighs* Calisto... *slaps self* sorry what did I miss? Oh yeah, so I take it Erika is going to be sorry when she's informed I have secret intel on her fortress of evil. That's right Erika, I know you don't have hypo energy security cameras in the back enterence, I know you don't have a night shift of guards every saturday, and I know you have 13 locks on your door which can be opened using the combination 1985 (the year you met Jake) oh I'm onto you Erika. I've already devised a plan to take down your evil lair at nightfall. You can double your guards, but I'll find a way... I WILL find a way. You hurt Calisto, and the rest of my friends. You. Are. D-E-A-D and if you can't spell (because of your lack of knowledge) it means dead. You're dead

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Omfg poor Jake! D: Well, I guess better him than Josh, Patch, or Alex. Ugh. Freaking Erica. I will cut her. >:( Anywho, that's a tough question, I love all the guys! But I guess if I was in a life or death situation I would save... uhhh, can you give me another hour or so? *1 hour later* Patch. I'm so sorry, Josh! :'( And Jack? Quite honestly I just want to rip his freaking shirt off and make out with him. He sounds hella hot and in a way, he reminds me of my crush. Can't wait for the next part, stay epic! :D

  • OMG I have tears in my eyes how could you Erika next time I see you I will tear up your face with my nail you wench! I really have no idea who I would because Im still mad at hem but I have to give credit to Calisto( sorry if I spelled it wrong) and josh smart boys be afraid very afraid!

  • I wanna use the cruciatus curse on Erika. Grrr....She's killing Jake...>:O That woman is suffer a fate worse than death! *sniff* Like Neville's parents...*sniff* Except they were the good guys, and Erika's the exact opposite of Neville's parents.

    I am going to keep my wand with me at all times. Not in my butt pockett obviously, that could result in something even the guys wouldn't dare to joke about...XD

  • Finally part 15 is out! And it was worth the wait! I loved the cliff-hanger ! You are a very good writer! How many parts are you going to make for this series? If you do finish this series please do another one!!! And please make part 16 soon I really want to find out what happens next! ;D

  • Can I confess something? I accidentally wrote 'fart' instead of 'part'! It's a good thing that I read my comment before posting it! Lmao!!!! xD *sigh* typos. Gotta love them.

  • Erika, when I get to see you face to face, you will be worse then dead >:( crazy old miserable she-devil... oh gosh... that... is super hard question o.o ummmmmmmmmmm... it would probably be................. .......... *whispers* Patch. I'm sorry Alex DX TheRecklessBam made me :(

    @Firey_Soul gotta love both your honesty and typos XD

  • *curses at u* u son of a bit%{\ you just needed to go off putting that {||!|!|^}^_|!}%^\\! \\_^%{!.~~+ CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! !! ... *glares at u* I could kill u right now, but if I do u wouldn't have the ability to write so BABY PUFFBALL IS JUST VERY MAD..... *paces around the room* WELL DONT JUST SIT THERE ABD READ THIS!!!!! IM WAITING AND I FEEL LIKE HE[[ ALREADY BECAUSE U FRICKEN BEEDED HIM TO BE IN A STATE OF DYING!!!!!! ..... *crosses arms* hm!!!!..... *5 minutes pass and releases arms* ok baby puffball is sorry for being mad, is just... Ugh....

  • Oh Erika is sooooo going down for hurting Jake...I had a cold chill up my body when Xavier said he was dying...and I like someone else...

  • Awesome quiz~

    Patch, Jack, Jake, Alex, Calisto. Not so sure about Josh and Max.

    Erika. Must. SUFFER.

  • If it was life or death I'd save Patch or Josh... but I'm split. Really good chapter and forget Jack he has no powers so he could never be as epic as any of the guys ;D XDD Thanx for writing it ^.^

  • Wow..How did I not see this earlier? Every part of it...was tense! My comment isn't going to be a long one because I can't concentrate if Jake is dying. ._. Ahhh! >.

  • Amazing quiz :) I love Patch, Jake and Jack so far... Jake better not die! Erica is so going down!! And if i had to choose i would pick Patch or Jake, i dont know Jack so well yet :P cant wait for the next part! Jake better not die! Grrrr...

  • Ok, when he said, " I'm afraid not," I kinda smiled because it reminded me of like, a doctor show or something. But, then he said that he was dieing and I was like WTH!!!!!!

    I LOVE U JOSH!!!!! :D

    Llama lover
  • Please don't let Jake die.no offense, but You should not kill anyone. Feel free to kill cory, Daniel, Tyler. But, I really like the rest of them and I'm sure others do too. I like Jake and Jack the most though.

  • [the guys staring at me: who would you sae Angel] me: ummm well you are so special in so many different ways, i cant just think of not saving all of you, but really *buttering them up* do hot, strong guys like you need saving xD


  • HOW COULD YOU?!? YOU TELL ME HE IS DYING. please save him, PLEASE!!!!!I I AM GOING TO RIP OF ERICA'S HEAD THEN SMASH IT THEN BURN IT. I am so glad you put more Jake. I think I like Jake. MAKE THE NEXT ONE SOON! please don't let him


  • Poor Jake!!!!!!I have a bunny named Jake,so Jake better not die!I like Jack,Patch,andddddd Alexxx:)Make part 16 soon please!

  • I'd type more, but I'm dog tired, so I'll just say this: amazing.

  • Even thou Jake is my 3rd choice guy Erika is going downnn!!

  • I would save Patch! Although I knda like Jack too.........Totally awsome quiz!


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