Teen Titans Who Said What?

When there's trouble you know who to call, Teen Titans! From their tower they can see it all, Teen Titans! When there's evil on the attack, you can rest knowing they got your back, 'cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol, Teen Titans, go!

With their super powers they unite, Teen Titans! Never met a villian that they liked, Teen Titans! They got the bad guys on the run, they never stop 'till the job gets done, 'cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol, Teen Titans go! 1,2,3,4, go! Teen Titans! Enjoy!

Created by: Hope
  1. Who said "Evil beware, we have waffles"?
  2. Who said "Actually, I'm not such a nice guy myself"?
  3. Who said "Fuzzy dice? Aw now thats just tacky"?
  4. Who said "Wowzers, your Robin, aren't you sir"?
  5. Who said "Just moved here, from now on I work alone"?
  6. Who said "I...did not know we were supposed to bring shovels"?
  7. Who said "My sweet Raven"?
  8. Who said "Lets just see how he does in combat practice"?
  9. Who said "You can't control me anymore!"?
  10. Who said When your as fast as me, time is something you have plenty of"?

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