taking care of a kit. {WARRIORS STORY QUIZ}

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if you have ever heard of the warriors books, you'll understand the name of it. But most of it it's normal in a way that all can understand. This mission will just be a quiz to see if you're a great warriors parent!

You have two kits in your den, and they're both yours. Their names are HaloKit and GhoulKit. They may be troublemakers, but might not know. Even if they are, will you be a great, or a bad mother/father?

Created by: Sunrising Track
  1. The sunlight beams through the den. Your a mother/father of 2 young kits. The first kit ( HaloKit, a tall white and baby blue she-kit ) is hungry.
  2. The other kit is begging for attention! The small kit ( GhoulKit, a black and white small kit) wants to play all day!
  3. A fox barges into camp while you're playing with your kits. The kits whimper and cry, bringing the fox's attention
  4. As the clan walks out to the territory, you are left all alone with your kits. GhoulKit wants squirrels for dinner but HaloKit disagrees. They start a loud fight.
  5. You come back from getting food for your kits. You are confused. You realize your kits are gone. You quickly drop the food and look for them. But don't know where to look!
  6. You yawn and stretch from a long nap. You hear yelling from behind the bushes. You trot to the sound and realize your kits are fighting, making the whole clearing stare at them. You decide to...
  7. You hear cries from above. You look up and see HaloKit and GhoulKit stuck in a tall tree.
  8. You're taking out the kits for a walk. You hear strange sounds from a bush. You growl and push your kits back. A fox jumps out and growls at you!
  9. Your kits are playing cautiously. You look over and see them qrestling. You smile and...
  10. You watch your kits turn into successful apprentices. You nod and proudly smile. You kits are now GhoulPaw and HaloPaw. You blink slowly, proud of your grown kits. Did you enjoy this mini story? {Of course, no effect.}

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