Which Warriors OC Are You?

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Hi. I am an avid Warriors fan, and made over 50 Warriors OCs. (A bit excessive, I know lmao 😂). I hope you like the quiz! Forgive me if the quiz is a bit wonky, it's my first time making something like this.

Ever wonder what you'd be like as a character in the wonderful world of Warriors? Here's your chance! Click this quiz to find out which of my OCs you'd be in the universe if Warriors.

Created by: instantnoodles

  1. First off, are you:
  2. What would you do if you found an injured kit on your territory?
  3. The clan is starving and in need of herbs. Do you:
  4. Long fur or short fur?
  5. You've just won a hard battle. Your leader proposes a feast! Quick, run to the fresh-kill pile and pick out a/an:
  6. Are you:
  7. What's your favourite colour?
  8. Almost there! Do you watch:
  9. Here, I'll give you a break. Just press one of these!
  10. FINALLY! YOU'RE AT THE END! *wipes nonexistent sweat* Here, a tissue and some popcorn :) Do you prefer greenleaf(summer), newleaf(spring), leaf-fall(autumn), or leaf-bare(winter)?

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Quiz topic: Which Warriors OC am I?