Take and win! Howrse quiz for my friends.

I have a long story to tell for the reason of this quiz, but those who SHOULD BE taking it, know what's up. There is a prize up for grabs! Yes, yes! So don't hesitate if you are a person who is SUPPOSED to be here! Good luck.

These are questions, relating to my Howrse account, and a few things about me, and my person. Some may be hard, some may be easy, but that means, that those I talk to, will get highest scores, as they know me best, and are my BFFs!

Created by: my_pasha

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. All right, basic question. What howrse was my VERY first?
  2. Which Howrse does NOT belong to being one of my favorits?
  3. Which is NOT a hobby of mine?
  4. Which TV show is my favorit?
  5. Which of these dragons, am I NOT connected to?
  6. Which of these dragons is my favorit?
  7. Which of these is NOT an obsession of mine?
  8. Which of these sports DON'T I like?
  9. Which of these language, don't I know a SINGLE WORD of at all?
  10. Which animal DON'T I like?

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