Synchro Swim Quiz

Synchronized swimming is a sport behind the shadows. Unlike basketball or hockey, everyone you see won't know what it is. Even if you don't, you still might know a fact or two. Most people do, but don't know it!

Are you a synchro expert? Only a handfull of people can say they are, since synchro has a hidden identity. Take the quiz to find out how much synchro you know.

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Is synchro in the Olympics?
  2. What is a figure in synchro?
  3. What are the routine types in synchro?
  4. How many initials are in a teams name?
  5. Is synchro a sport that includes male athletes?
  6. What is put in synchro swimmers hair for meets?
  7. Do synchro swimmers go upside down?
  8. Was synchro a sport in the 1800s?
  9. Do synchro swimmers need to be flexible?
  10. Do you travel in synchro?

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