SWW Past Present Future

Do you think you know me and my hobbies well enough to answer a entire Test all about the brand I made in Smackdown V.S RAW 2007 called SWW, Star Wars Wrestling.

So can YOU ace the test? Do YOU know me well enough? It all depends on YOU! Take the test and take the Challenge! Try your best. And even if you don't do great, go and try again!

Created by: Cliff Kretkowski

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  1. My first question that will be easy for certain people is, who buried James alive for the first time?
  2. How many times has Clark ever been World Heavywieght champion?
  3. What 2 SWW superstars had the first rivalry for the WWE Championship?
  4. What 4 people are related?
  5. When the NSO first joined together who broke up the group?
  6. Currently, what 3 SWW superstars have defeated James for the World Heavywieght Championship?
  7. Who is the current GM of SWW?
  8. What is the most dominate tag team in th SWW?
  9. Who was the first, and so far only Undisputed Champion?
  10. Countinuing from the last question, what 2 people were in the match for the Undisputed Championship?
  11. What 2 people swaped the Intercontinentail championship and the United States Championship when SWW had begun getting popular?
  12. Who won the first ever SWW Royal Rumble?
  13. In a match for the United States Championship (Keyfabe)who won?
  14. James currently copies most of the Undertaker's moves. Who did he copy before?
  15. Who is the most resent SWW superstar that got released?
  16. What 2 people were in the longest rivalry for the World Heavywieght Championship?
  17. Who is the longest Woman's Champion ever?
  18. Who is the only superstar on SWW that ever was put on the sidelines?
  19. What are the only 2 SWW superstars that beat Ultima flame for a title?
  20. What is James' best match he has ever been in and is undeafted in?
  21. My final question, what 2 superstars in SWW is undeafted at Wrestlemania?

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