Sword, Axe, or Spear?

Heya. Welcome to my first ever quiz. This will have three answers per question, and you should be honest in choosing which one is most related to you. There are 10 questions in all. Good luck!

Throughout history, three melee weapons have been widely used. The sword, with general practicality. The axe, with power and intimidation. And finally, the spear, with range and technicality. Now, you will find out which weapon is most suited towards you. Give it your all!

Created by: Eliception

  1. You have some kind of problem in your way. What is your approach?
  2. Someone that you barely know says they like you. What's your reaction?
  3. What types of games do you like to play?
  4. What do you desire in a weapon?
  5. Which are you most like?
  6. How do you win a battle?
  7. Pick a gun.
  8. Pick a trait you like.
  9. Pick an armor piece.
  10. Final question! Pick a music.

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