Survey of Racism

This quiz is to determine how racist the general public is. We are asking questions to determine the answers to our questions for a social psychology project.

Please be 100% honest and do not be afraid because it is totally anonymous. You will not be recognized for who you actually are. Please take the quiz, it is very short.

Created by: evangel12345

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would You Marry outside of your race?
  2. Are stereotypes true?
  3. What race are you?
  4. Do you use racial slurs?
  5. Would you hire someone of a different race
  6. Do you consider your own race as superior to other races?
  7. Do you have friends of different nationalities/races?
  8. Would you ever use someone's race against them in an arguement?
  9. Do you ever feel amnesty over a certain race because a certain person had done something bad to you or family/friend?
  10. In Georgia there are STILL separate proms that are racially segregated. Do you believe that this is a positive or negative thing?

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