Supernatural rocks!

There is only one TV show ever created worth creating a quiz for or even watching to be honest. If you have good taste, a fantastic sense of humour and very good taste in men then you will love Supernatural, just like me!

Have you ever watched a TV show and thought, wow, this is the most brilliant, awesome, amazing, wonderful thing ever? If so then you know exactly what TV show I'm talking about! Nuff said!

Created by: Donna Allen

  1. Is Supernatural the best TV programme ever?
  2. Who are the two main characters in Supernatural?
  3. What type of show is Supernatural?
  4. Who is the best character in Supernatural?
  5. What is the name of Dean's beloved car?
  6. How many times have Dean and Sam died?
  7. How are Dean and Sam related?
  8. How many times have Dean and Sam saved the world?
  9. What TV show is better than Supernatural?
  10. How many seasons should Supernatural go on for?

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