Super Seven Minutes (Not dirty... And exciting!)

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Right people! Welcome to my party!!!!! We are playing seven minutes in heaven, so please join in and enjoy the fun with all of these HOT guys i thow you in with!

PS! You may find the way i right a bit funny! Just pretend that me and you are talking, like in real life. Make up what you say, and it will fit in with what i say!!!! LUV YA PEOPLE! PSS,,, girls only!

Created by: js0cj
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  1. Right, welcome to my party! I am Js0cj, but you can call me Jess! :D! So, i am having a party at my house, and you are invited! We have everything, from food, to punch, to music, and also, the dreaded cupboard in the living room!!!
  2. So then, i've invited everyone! There's Tom, Joe, Dean, Adam, Isaac, Gary, Ryan, Francis, and Harry!!! Say, do you have a crush on any of them?
  3. ...
  4. Cool! Well, do you even know them? No?! Well, i better tell you about them! So, that over their is Tom! No, not him, the one with the dark blonde skater hair and Hazel eyes... Yer, him! He's a skater, if you didn't guess! I guess he's sweet. Wait, you already know him? Where? HE KNOCKED YOU OVER THEN YOU TWO YEARS AGO? Well that's mean! So, rate him...
  5. Also, over there is Joe. He's the dude with Dark brown hair and brown eyes. YEr, him... He's a prep... though he's quite nice. He is a bit of a snob sometimes, but that's just because his friends are! Can you rate him as well please...
  6. Ok, see WAY over in the corner... Can you just make out that shadowy figure? Well, he's Dean! He's a emo, if you didn't guess. See his black hair and Green eyes? Yer, they are kinda creepy, when all you can see is green! He doesn't really talk to anyone, but he's got a heart of gold! RATE!
  7. Ok... Oh, meet this guys here. ADAM! ADAM! ____, this is Adam!(Adam says "Hey" and winks, but then walks off) I think he is soooooooo hot! He's the school Jock, the big shot! I don't care he's going out with three girls! I WANNA BE ONE OF THEM!!!!! ToT!!! Yer, if you didn't guess, because you just saw him, he's got short light brown hair and brown eyes! RATE!
  8. Ok....... OH OH OH!!!!! I sounded like santa then.. See that guy there, stod next to Tom, well, he's Isaac! No, not the one on the left, the one on the right! The one with strawberry-blonde hair and brown eyes! Well, he's the school nerd, but, you've gotta admit, he is kinda hot! He's only hanging out with Tom because they both have brothers, who are friends, so they've became friends... Isaac's smart, but he's not always nerdy! RATE PLEASE FRIENDS!
  9. SO then, anyone else? Him? what, that dude over there? Oh, he's Gary!! He's the drama kid, you know, into acting and such! YEr, you can guess he's got longish black hair and blue eyes! Yer, he's sweet and all, but don't get your hopes up! RUmors have it that he's going out with his stage partner!!!!! RATE PLEASE PEOPLE OF EARTH!
  10. And stood next to Gary is Ryan! He's the badboy! He's already played this game three times tonight, and now all the girls are complaining of feeling sick!!! He's probally knocked them up! I guess he's alright! I mean, he's hot and all! RATE!
  11. Ok... OH! See that guy over there, just climbing the stairs! Well, he's Francis! He is the funniest guy i know, the class clown! He's got Blonde hair and brown eyes! He's always making jokes, but there has been a couple of times he's upset people because of it! RATE!
  12. Right, anymore? ...................................................................................................... Oh yes! That's HArry! He's knew here, because he's a Italian exchange student! He's only staying for two weeks, so, tough luck there! He's got a brilliant accent! *SIghs dreamly!* RATE PLEASE FOR FINAL RESULTS!
  13. And i guess you could play the game if you want to... Or will you just leave it.... RATE ON HOW MUCH YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!
  14. Oh, it's your turn! GOOD LUCK!
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