what is your superpower?

You are here of curiosity??? Are you here just because you are bored???? Am I using too many ?'s just to fill up the characters? NO, I am not, it just turned out that way.

Do you have a power? did you ever do something amazing happen to you and you could not explain this exciting phenomenon? Well, find out if you are going crazy, or if you are really super powered.

Created by: DemonKyo
  1. would you rather...
  2. If you were to have one power would it be...
  3. Are you a boy/girl who loves to:
  4. If you chose reading, what type do you like?
  5. if you chose drawing, do you draw still life, technology, or fantasy, or other
  6. Did you choose playing vid.games?
  7. did you choose homework? What subject?
  8. what is your fav. color?
  9. If you chose mixture do you like:
  10. You are at a party, where are you?

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Quiz topic: What is my superpower?