Super Mario Quiz

Are you a true Mario fan? Some say they are and do bad on a quiz! Some say they are not and they do amazing at a quiz! If you want to know if you are a true Mario fan than take this quiz!

I have no idea what to say here so im just going to put encouraging words here! You can do it! Concentrate! You can do well! Yes! Just do it! Did you see that? Was it funny?

Created by: Nick

  1. What is the first enemy you see?
  2. Who do you save?
  3. Who wears a purple cap?
  4. What was the first game called?
  5. Who is the third mario bro?
  6. Did Nintendo do a crossover with the Mario and Luigi series and paper mario?
  7. How many paper mario games are there?
  8. Is there going to be paper mario for wii u?
  9. How many Mario and Luigi games are there?
  10. Final question! Do you like this quiz?

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