How well do you know Mario?

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See how much you know about Nintendo! See if you have pretty much 0 knowledge or a whole lot see in this accurate quiz about Mario. If you like Mario you will probably get a high score!

Now if don’t know a lot about Nintendo you might get a low score on this quiz! This is for entertainment purposes only! This is not I repeat Not offensive!

Created by: NewSavageGuy757

  1. When was Mario’s first appearance?
  2. When was Nintendo founded?
  3. Did Nintendo create a system in the 1970’s?
  4. Which was Mario’s most popular game?
  5. Which of the above was Nintendo’s Most Popular console?
  6. When did Nintendo release the first Mario Kart Game?
  7. What was the 3rd Mario Kart Game Called?
  8. When was Luigi’s first appearance?
  9. When was Yoshi’s first appearance?
  10. Did Nintendo Ever Give Bowser A Partner?
  11. True Or False. Luigi is Mario’s Twin!
  12. Are The Koopalings evil?
  13. How many Koopalings are there?
  14. Which Koopaling is spoiled?
  15. Which Mario Character is most likely addicted to Fortnite?
  16. Is Bowser evil or a nice guy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Mario?