The Super Mario Quiz

I created this quiz because I'm a huge Mario fan! Aaaaannnnddd because I was really bored. Why not take this test to see what the questions are like?

This test is a test that questions your love for Super Mario. It also questions your boredom...but that's not the point! If you aren't a Mario fan, then move on!

Created by: Jai'Mya Williams

  1. Who created Super Mario?
  2. When Did the first Mario game get released?
  3. Who currently voices Yoshi?
  4. Who voices Princess Peach?
  5. Who voices Princess Daisy?
  6. How many Mario Parties are there
  7. How did Princess Peach get kidnapped in Super Mario Galaxy 2?
  8. What was Mario's original name?
  9. In Super Mario 3D World, WHO gets kidnapped?
  10. Are Mario and Luigi twins? (This one is SO easy!)
  11. What is the gender of Birdo?
  12. Who was Shadow Mario's true identity in Super Mario Sunshine?
  13. (Random)Can you guess when my birthday is?
  14. (Random)Can you guess when my birthday is?
  15. (Random)Can you guess when my birthday is?
  16. How many Mario characters have their own game(s)?
  17. What are the names of the parents that Princess Peach are rumored to have?
  18. Name this enemy: I look like a golden snowman with green spikes. I have a huge smile on my face. What am I?
  19. Name this enemy: I sound like a dog. I constantly jump at you, but I can't get loose. What am I?
  20. Name this enemy:(Hard)You can't kill me unless you have fire, invincibility, or if I spin off a ledge. I have a dark shell. I'm only seen underground. What am I?

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