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In the Islamic world Shia and Sunnis are fighting to the death over who's is a true Muslim. If you are a Sunni or Shia you may die or be honored where live,

Which ever creed or thought you belong to take this test and see if you truly belong where you think you you do. You might have Change of Heart and realize which creed is yours.

Created by: Jarod
  1. God has made forbidden to us things which harm us.
  2. I will lie about my faith to save myself from dying.
  3. If my prophets descendants were alive and revolted against the Muslim king I would...
  4. I will pray with my hands to my sides and bow my head In a respective form.
  5. The U. S. Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was justified.
  6. If I curse the first three caliphs I have done a...
  7. I pray with my head touching pure soil.
  8. Ali is a spiritual leader and so are his twelve descendants.
  9. Building shrines for great leaders is blasphemy.
  10. This test is blasphemous we're all muslim.

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