Summer Camp Love Story/7

IM AM SOOOO SORRY THIS TOOK ME SOOO LONG :( my brain like died so i couldnt think of anything to write. and then today: BAM!!!!!!! i just snapped.. so ya...

Ok so this so far is my personal favorite. but i really would appreciate it if you guys gave me some ideas cuz my brain is just not working and i would just love it if i could get some help:)

Created by: starscreamer

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  1. BAM! It was the most amazing kiss you’d ever experienced! (me: I bet you thought I was going to be mean and have someone interrupt huh? But HA! You have been deceived!) But the kiss is short because you’re underwater and you can’t breathe and kissing doesn’t help. You both come up gasping and you can’t help but smile. You had no idea that Nick felt that way about you and it sent butterflies into your stomach. Nick smiles at you and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’ve got to go,” he says almost a whisper. He kisses your forehead and swims away. You lean up against the dock in amazement.
  2. Tired of swimming and lonely, you decide to go change. You walking down the path and you see Brandon running towards you. Before you say ‘hey’, he grabs you and pulls you behind some bushes. “Brandon, what the…” “Shh…” he says. “Why…” “SHHH!” he says again. “But….” Brandon suddenly puts his hand over your mouth and ducks down so you guys are completely out of sight. You hear footsteps and you’re able to look through the bushes and spot a group of girls running down the path. When they are far out of sight, Brandon finally lets you go. “What was that all about?” you ask. Brandon gives you a cute smile. “I played a prank on those girls and they came after me. I didn’t want you to give me away. Sorry about that,” he says as he helps you up.
  3. “No it’s all right,” you say as you brush the dirt of yourself. “What did you do to them?” Brandon laughed. “Well some girls were heading to their cabins and we attacked them with flour bombs. You should have seen them. They were completely covered in flour. Of course, they only saw me so that’s why they were all chasing me. I’m sure that they’ll try to get me back but I’ll be ready for them.” You smiled. “You might want to be careful, Brandon. We girls are good at getting revenge.” He gave you a sly smile. “I guess we’ll just have to see about that.”
  4. “Well, I guess I ought to find a place to hide out for a while so I’ll see you later,” Brandon says. “Okay,” you say as he walks away. You have nothing better to do so you head back to your cabin. You open the door and start laughing. Jami is sitting on her bed covered in flour. “I guess Brandon and his friends go you too huh?” “It’s not funny!” Jami says. “Besides I’ve got a way to get them back.” “How?” you ask as you sit down on your own bed. “Well I can’t tell you unless you’re in on it.” You smile. “I am so in! What’s the plan?”
  5. Jami pulls out a duffle bag from underneath her bed. “I was afraid that I might get pranked so I brought my prank kit.” She opens it and dumps it in front of you. She sorts through it putting some of the stuff back. “Ok, so this is how it’s going to go. First we’re going to make some brownies and put some exlax in them,” She says as she holds up a pack of brownie mix “Wait, what does exlax do?” you ask. “Well, if you have enough it causes diarrhea.” “……..ew.” “Yeah so we’re going to give the brownies to the guys in cabin 2 which are the guys that pranked us. About an hour after they eat the brownies, they’re going to have to go BAD! So then we’re going to put plastic wrap on the toilets. Not only that but, we’re also going to put ketchup, mustard, mayo, and a WHOLE BUNCH of relish packets under the seats.”
  6. You can’t help but laugh. It’s the best prank you’ve ever heard. “Wait, that’s not even the best part.” Jami says. ”We’re also going to take out all the toilet paper and towels and such. And as a precaution, we’re either going to make the showers only run ice cold water or none at all.” You smile at the thought of the looks on all the boys’ faces. “Ok what do you want me to do?” “Ok so I need you to go and bake the brownies. The cooks in the kitchen will let you just don’t let them know about the exlax. I’m going to take a shower to get rid of all this flour and then gather the other girls that were pranked. When we’re all grouped up I also need you to deliver the brownies.” “Wait, why do I have to do it?!” you ask. “Because you didn’t get pranked so the boys won’t get suspicious and then they’ll eat the brownies. We’ll head off to the bathroom and do our dirty work and we’ll also put up a “closed for cleaning” sign until the boys come so no one else gets pranked. I’ve decided I’ll shut off the water to the showers.” “How are you going to shut it off though? The door is locked.” Jami smiled and showed a pick lock kit. “I’ve got that covered.”
  7. ***About an hour later*** You knock on the door of cabin 2. Brandon answers the door and smiles at you. “Hey, what are you doing here?” “The cooks asked me to take brownies to the cabins for everyone to try,” you say as you show him the plate of brownies. “Cool,” he says as he takes the plate. “Make sure everyone gets one, ok?” you say as you start walking away. “Wait! Do you want to come in and hang out?” You shake your head. “Thanks but no thanks. I’ve got some stuff to do.” Brandon stares at you and then shrugs. “Okay. I guess I’ll see you later then.” “Ok, bye,” you say. You walk up the hill and to the bushes where the others were hiding. “Did they take them?” Jami asks. You smile and nod. Jami smiles back.” Let the prank war begin.”
  8. The boys’ bathroom was disgusting. Jami thankfully handed out plastic gloves. That didn’t help with the smell though. One girl took out a bottle of perfume and was about to spray it when Jami suddenly grabbed it from her. “Are you crazy?! If they smelled that, then they would know that we were here and they would go to the other bathroom. We’re just going to have to be strong and get this done as fast as possible.” You and some other girls are put in charge of getting rid of the toilet paper and stuff. You are so thankful you didn’t have to touch the toilets.
  9. Everyone sits around outside when they’re done. Jami suddenly pulls out a walkie-talkie. “What did you say?” she asks into it. “THEY’RE COMING!!!!” someone yells from the other end. “Everyone hide now!” she says as she jumps up, runs towards the bathroom, grabs the “closed for cleaning” sign, and jumps behind some bushes. You barely hide behind a tree when the boys come doing a strange waddle like walk. You spot Brandon at the very front. It looks like almost all of them are there. Everyone covers their mouth to keep themselves from laughing. They enter the bathroom and a few seconds later you could hear them all yelling. There is no need for secrecy anymore so everyone cheers. “Hey, everyone,” Jamie says. “I’ve got one more prank up my sleeve,” she says as she holds up a bottle of silly string.
  10. ***At cabin 2*** The inside of the cabin was completely transformed with different colors of silly string. Jami had packed a lot of it and surprisingly the girls only had to use half of what she had. All of you walk out of the cabin just to see that the boys are already on their way back. Everyone runs behind the cabin and thankfully they don’t see you. Everyone stays just to hear someone yell, “OH COME ON!!!” then everyone runs back to their own cabin. You and Jami fall on your bed and laugh until tears start streaming down your cheeks. “This is the best day at camp yet!” Jami says.
  11. ***Later that day*** You and Jami sit down at your usually lunch spot and Brandon surprisingly sits down across from you. “You guys won’t believe what happened to us! Those brownies made us all have to go to the bathroom. Unfortunate for us, someone rigged the bathroom and then when we got back…” He stops and looks at you and Jami’s faces as you try to contain your laughter. Brandon sighs. “You guys prank us.” Jami almost falls out of her seat laughing. “Well played,” Brandon says. “It’s not over though.” “Oh, please.” Jami says. “There is nothing that can top THAT!” Brandon gets up and walks away. He looks behind his shoulder to look at you. He mouths the words “we’ll see about that”.
  12. Cliffhanger!!!! yes it is the end of the quiz as some of you somehow smelled.....
  13. I kno that only Brandon was mainly in this one but....who do you like

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