Summer Camp Love Story/5

Hey! sorry it took so long! I got kinda stuck but then i didn't have anything else to do cause i cant find a quiz series that is as good as xX3mo_Ang3lXx, xxblutixx, and Firey_Soul's quizzes!

So yeah and it also took me a while because i have school again >.< and my mom keeps interrupting me when i'm about to get typing and makes me get off my computer! she can be so evil! Also if you have any ideas, please comment them. I appreciate them!

Created by: starscreamer

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  1. You limped to a bench and sat down. Your ankle still hurt from earlier this morning. You watched everyone else run around wishing you could join them. You jumped when someone sat down next to you and put their arm around you. It was just Brian. “I heard about your ankle. How’s it doing?” “It’s fine,” you answer. “Hmm,” Brian says with his arm around you. I there was a moment of awkward silence before Brian breaks it again. “So how was the hike?” “It was great! Why didn’t you come?” Brian was silent for a moment then said, “I guess I’m not a hiking type of person.” You nod and continue watching everyone else have fun. You sigh. Brian seems to notice. He suddenly picks you up and starts running around with you in his arms. “Brian! What are you doing? Put me down!” He smiles and pretends to almost drop you. You wrap your arms around his neck afraid that he might actually drop you. He laughs and after a while you join him.
  2. Brian eventually puts you back down on the bench. “I got to go,” he says and kisses your forehead. You slightly blush and Brian just grins as he walks off. You decide that there isn’t anything else to do so you go back to your cabin and grab a sketch book. You sit on the steps of your cabin and start to draw. You let your mind wander as you draw and you don’t even realize what you’re drawing. When you finish, you’re surprised with yourself. You stare at the faces of Brian, Brandon, Skyler, and Nick. You swear it was the best drawing you’ve ever drawn but it was so strange that you just drew them out of the blue. You tear out the picture and stick it under your pillow.
  3. You notice that your ankle is feeling a lot better and you are able to walk on it regularly. You walk out of your cabin and stare off into the distance. “I see that you didn’t take my warning,” a voice said. Startled, you turn around and see Taylor. “I told you to stay away from Brian.” Taylor was really starting to get on your nerves. “Ok let’s make this clear. I can talk to whoever I want to and I can be friends with who I want without your permission. How about you go mind your own business?” You could see hatred and anger flare into Taylor’s eyes. “This IS my business!” she said almost screaming. You were starting to get frustrated. “Just…whatever,” you finally decide to say and start to walk away. “Oh, I don’t think so. I’m not finished with you y…” “Taylor!” You turn towards the new voice. It was Jami and Brandon. Brandon was the one who had spoken. “Just leave Sam alone.” Taylor sneered. “What are you going to do if I don’t?” Jami took a few steps forward and you see hatred be replaced with panic in Taylor’s eyes. Taylor backs up but then glares at you and says, “This isn’t over, Sam.” She runs off leaving you stunned.
  4. “What was that all about?” Brandon asked. You shook your head. “She’s just being crazy I guess.” You didn’t want Brandon or Jami to find out about Taylor’s threats. Thankfully, Jami and Brandon shrug letting the subject drop. “Hey how about we get some people to play dodge-ball,” Brandon suggests. “Yeah, that sounds like fun!” You say. You start out with about five people on each team and then about all the campers end up joining. You sit down at the end, almost out of breath. Brandon sits down by you also tired. “That was really fun,” he says. You nod and then find yourself looking into his eyes. He stares back with his soft gray eyes. You’re not sure who leans in first: You or Brandon. But you still meet in the middle. It was one of the most amazing kisses you’ve ever experienced. You guys don’t kiss very long because you’re still trying to catch your breath from playing dodge-ball and kissing wasn’t helping any. Brandon smiles. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.”
  5. You just smile back as he takes your hand and he walks you to your cabin. “I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?” he says. “Okay.” He walks slowly back to his cabin as if he doesn’t want to leave you (which is probably what he was doing! :3) You walk into your cabin in kind of a daze but with a smile on your face. You lay down on your bed and look up at the ceiling. “I saw that you know,” you hear Jami say. You sit up to face her. “Saw what?” “Well actually I’ve seen a lot of things,” Jami says. “Seen what?!” Jami laughs at your frustration. “I mean I’ve seen all those guys kiss you! Brian, Brandon, Skyler, and Nick! Well, actually Nick doesn’t count because the only time he’s kissed you is when he gave you CPR,” she says jokingly. You blush. *Has all of that really been that noticeable?* “So which one do you like?” Jami asks. “Brian, Brandon, Skyler, or Nick?” You shrug. “I honestly don’t know.” Jami smiles. “You’re going to have a hard time picking. They are all extremely cute and sweet! Not that I want any of them or anything. I already have a boyfriend!” Jami thinks for a second then says, “Maybe your heart is just confused.” “Maybe,” you say. “I’m tired so I’m going to bed. Good night, Jami.” “Night, Sam.”
  6. *Dream Mode* You are standing alone outside. You take a look around and notice you’re in front of the cabins. You notice someone in the woods. “Nick is that you?” you yell out to the figure. They just turn around and walk deeper into the forest. You will yourself to run after them. “Jami are you there?” The figure still doesn’t stop. “Skyler? Brandon?” You start to panic. You arrive at a clearing but the strange figure is nowhere in sight. You feel totally lost. You feel eyes burning into the back of your head so you slowly turn around. You sigh with relief. It was only Brian grinning at you. “Brian what are you doing here? Why didn’t answer me?” You watch in horror as Brian’s face changes into Taylor’s. She tackles you and pins you to the ground. “You can’t have any of them,” she whispers into your ear. “And you never will.” She grabs your throat, choking you. You try to scream for help but its no use. Everything starts to blur and Taylor’s whispers seem to grow quieter.
  7. *Out of Dream Mode* You wake up screaming. Everyone jumps out of their bed startled. “Sam, what’s wrong?” Amanda asks worriedly (if you don’t remember, Amanda is the counselor for cabin 1). Jami rushes to your side with all your other cabin mates surrounding you. Even though you were in shock and shaking like crazy you are able to say, “It was just a dream. I’m sorry.” “It’s okay,” Amanda says. “Everyone, go back to bed.” Your shaking finally stops and you’re able to breathe normally. “Are you sure you’re going to be alright?” Jami asks. You nod. “Do you want to talk about it?” “No,” you say in a quiet voice. Amanda shuts off the lights and you lay back down hoping to be able to go back to sleep. You eventually fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.
  8. CLIFFHANGER!....sorta....
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