Summer Camp Love Story/6

This quiz is basically dedicated to Nick! the descriptions are in the second paragraph if you need them and bleh blah boo i like pigeons i like pickles

Character description: Brian:Gorgeous blue eyes and brown flippy hair, Brandon: Brown hair with soft gray eyes, Skyler: tall with dirty blonde hair with light green eyes, Nick: Black hair with brown eyes, Jami: Your best friend at camp. Black hair with clear blue eyes

Created by: starscreamer

  1. I know this quiz is short. It's due to all this drama, love, work, etc. at my school. It messes up my head! so if you have any ideas to help me out they are appreciated :)
  2. I hope you enjoy the story anyways so... here we go!
  3. The next few days you avoid Taylor, afraid that your dream would become reality. It sent chills up through your body just thinking of her hands closed around your throat. Matter of fact, you try to avoid everyone. You just feel you need time alone. You end up walking through the forest everyday instead of participating in any activities. One day you hear yelling not far from where you were in the forest. You peek through to the leaves and discover Brian and Taylor. "I don't understand why you're being a b**** to every person I talk to. Especially Sam." "She's a b**** herself!" Taylor screamed at him. "I don't understand why you're doing this. It's not like we're going out or anything!" Bryan screamed back.
  4. You were tempted to barge into the conversation but thought better of it. A hand was slapped over your mouth and you were pulled away from the scene. You panicked and started struggling. "It's best if we give them some privacy," a voice said that you quickly identified as Nick's. You swung around to face him. He just smiled and asked, "Why are you roaming the forest? I thought I was the only one who did that."
  5. You give him a small smile. "I just needed some time by myself." He nodded. "I understand completely. I feel like that all the time." He took your hand and you could feel your cheeks grow red. "I've noticed that you've been strangely quiet lately. Has something bad happened? Did I do something?" "No, no. I needed to sort some things out by myself." "I see." Nick said. He looked deep into your eyes and you could feel your knees go weak. "Would you like to go do something? We haven't had a lot of time to hang out." "Sure," you said still lost in his eyes. "How about swimming?" you suggest. "That sounds perfect," Nick says as he gives you a sweet smile.
  6. You half run and half stumble to your cabin. *People must think I'm so graceful* you think to yourself as you crash through the forest. You change into your bathing suit and head down to the lake. You meet Nick there and you try so very hard not to stare at his abs. You fail and he notices. Nick just laughs and holds out his hand to take. You grasp it and smile. "You ready?" he asks. You nod. "On the count of three, okay? One... two...THREE! You both run to the end of the dock and jump, hitting the water at the same instant.
  7. You both laugh as you surface. You continue to jump off the dock together and you seem to forget about the dream and Taylor and Bryan fighting in the forest. You suddenly are hit with a huge splash of water. You sputter and Nick laughs. You return the splash and soon all you could see was water flying everywhere. Nick surrendered first. "Okay! Okay! You win!" he yells. You smile as you notice that Nick's hair is all over his face. You swim over to him and push his hair out of his eyes.
  8. It feels like you've been turned to stone by his eyes. You can't move and you can't breathe. He smiles and draws you closer. He slowly pulls you underwater with him. You open your eyes and you're thankful that the water doesn't sting your eyes. Nick pulls you in and puts his arms around your waist. He leans in and...
  9. Cliffhanger! again sorry for the short quiz and crappy choices. just go with it
  10. I know that the other guys weren't really in this quiz but who do you like?

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