striper or not!? HAVE FUN!

hi im taylor a girl 18 and curious abbout others sexually life thats why i did this quiz if you like or dont like it just comment and i will do my best to do whatever and if your single and interested comment to!Ill be waiting...(probaly gonna masturbate)

if you are single and comment i dont care about age as long as your a boy and have a cock for me to play with...ill be waiting for my play boy!have fun live life have fun live life!

Created by: taytay366

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u watch p---?
  2. do u masturbate?
  3. have u striped in front of people?
  4. Are you sexy?
  5. are u single
  6. if your single please post!did u like the test
  7. do u have a striping pole
  8. are u bi
  9. what do u like in a boy or girl? (sorry im bored and single aka im a girl)
  10. are u a wild non virgin (i am!)

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