Steven Universe Quiz 3

There are many smart people but few geniuses. Only a genius can answer these difficult questions. See if you are a Steven Universe genius by taking this quiz

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brain power to answer these questions?thanks to this quiz, you can find out! it might take you 10 minutes if you are really good,30 if you are not

Created by: alisa

  1. What unique power does Sapphire have?
  2. What unique power doe Ruby have?
  3. Which hand is Sapphire's gem on?
  4. How does Ruby express her anger?
  5. How does Sapphire express her anger?
  6. Can Sapphire levitate?
  7. Why did Sapphire cry in Keystone Motel?
  8. How did Ruby comfort her?
  9. When did Steven first meet Ruby and Sapphire?
  10. Did Garnet use to like human food?
  11. What is Pearl's dancing based off of?
  12. What is Amethyst's style?
  13. How are Amethyst and Jasper alike?
  14. What shape is Amethyst's gem?
  15. what instrument does Steven play?
  16. In We Need To Talk, Rose did what when she was shocked?
  17. In Story For Steven, was Rose the only Gem with a star symbol?
  18. Garnet had many clues that she was a fusion.What was one of them?
  19. What was another?

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