How Much do You Know About Steven Universe ?

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This quiz is about my all time favorite show Steven Universe !! I would recommend not taking this quiz if you haven't saw Steven Universe , it's actually a complicated quiz !

How well do YOU know Steven Universe ? Do you know enough to pass this quiz and understand the show itself ? In a little bit , you will find out !

Created by: Erin
  1. What is the Big Donut ?
  2. What is the first episode called ?
  3. What is a fusion ?
  4. How do they fuse together ?
  5. Is Garnet a fusion ?
  6. What is Pearl's dancing based off of ?
  7. What is Amethyst's personality ?
  8. Who are the Homeworld Gems ?
  9. What does Peridot call the Crystal Gems ?
  10. True or false . Amethyst likes to sleep and eat for fun , but she doesn't need to.
  11. Why was Garnet mad at Pearl in Steven Bomb three ?
  12. What is the 'warp pad '?
  13. In Garnet , who has the future vision ?
  14. True or false . Sapphire has two eyes .
  15. How did you think you did ?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Steven Universe ?