Stereotype test- do you let stereotypes "get you"

Stereotypes are wrong judgements about people and things. They follow us through our lives. They are everywhere. On Tv, in children's books, cartoons, magazines.

Everywhere. How big is the part of your life made of stereotypes. We shall find out in this quiz. Thank you very much for taking it. I hope you will like it. Please comment your results.

Created by: Lenny

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  1. Do you think that enyone who gets an A is necesarily smart?
  2. Do you think that women do not understand science and tecnology as good as men.
  3. Were you a geek in or popular in high school?
  4. Do you think women's main occupation in their lives should be taking care of kids,family and her husband?
  5. Do you have something against homosexual people or do you consider them weired?
  6. Do you think your privacy is necesarily indangeoured when you use internet?
  7. If you would have two kids-a boy and a girl. Would you like your son more than your daughter? Would you buy more toys and things to your son?
  8. Would you let/would you agree that your child/someone from your family marries someone who is other rase or religion?
  9. Do you think that sex is the most important part of the relationship.
  10. Do you think that you should love your sister/father/mother just because he/she is your family member, but no matter she/he is mean.

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Quiz topic: Stereotype test- do I let stereotypes "get you"