Star wars trivia

This is a star wars trivia quiz. It is full of random questions. It is medium difficulty. Are you a star wars fan. Well click here to find out.

You did bad. Go hit the books. You may have done good but I will write this for every score. Better luck next time. It only takes a few seconds or a few hours to complete this.

Created by: admiral groleo
  1. Which of the arena beast focused on obi wan as its prey
  2. Who was lukes best friend on tatooine
  3. What did darth vader tell luke about the name anikan skywalker
  4. Who shot first. Greedo or han solo
  5. Who led the cantina band
  6. How had anikan destroyed watto's old podracer
  7. What planet do reeks come from
  8. Where, when hearing the news of the empires fall, did citizens topple a statue of emperor Palpatine
  9. What, according to r2-d2,were the chances of surviving the harsh night weather of hoth.
  10. How many towers do the jedi temple have.
  11. What color is talz fur
  12. Who pointed the cannon at the deck of jabba huts sail barge during the battle over the pit of carkoon.

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