good you made it you know about star wars. (well if you had a good score). a lot of people won't get a good score but if you did you did very good job doing this quiz. awsome!!

do you like star wars? awsome if you do like star wars. well i like star wars too. if you don't like star wars you should see a movie about star wars. i know your saying at home:"your not the boss of me"

Created by: angel skywalker

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. is the final movie of star wars sad?
  2. is chewy hairy?
  3. are you gay?
  4. whose luke skywalker?
  5. is a blaster better then a lightsaber?
  6. what color is darth vaders lightsaber?
  7. who is leia's brother?
  8. is the emperor gay?
  9. have you ever lost in a video game and got so mad?
  10. do you want to get this quiz over with?

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