Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter person?

Seasons. The four main seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Spring is a time to be fresh and active. Summer is a time for family, friends and no school. Fall is a time for outdoors and indoors. Winter is a time for snuggling with family and be cozy.

So which season are you? Are you a spring person? A summer person? A fall person? Or a winter person? Take this quiz to find out which of the four seasons is best for you!

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. What kind of temperature would you like to be in? (fahrenheit)
  2. Choose an item:
  3. Do you like school?
  4. Which of the following would you rather want to wear?
  5. Do you have spring allergies?
  6. Which weather sounds best to you?
  7. Would you rather: be really really hot or really really cold?
  8. Which would you rather eat/drink?
  9. What's your favorite color?
  10. What's you favorite type of bird?
  11. Ready for your results? (no effect)

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