Spottedleaf's history

Spottedleaf is quite an important figure my dear apprentice. Want to test your warrior knowledge? Come to the medicine cat den and I will ask you a few questions!

What does this have to do with your warrior training? Well history is very important little one! The best fighters and leaders and medicine cats follow the pawsteps of our warrior ancestors! Now. First question....

Created by: Wolfowl 4444

  1. Who was Spottedpaw's mentor?
  2. Who was Spottedpaw's sister?
  3. What pattern was her pelt?
  4. Who loved her?
  5. Why could she not love him back?
  6. What clan was she from?
  7. What is her brother's name?
  8. *spoiler alert* who killed her?
  9. What prophecie did she recieve?
  10. I know this is weird but what did she smell like?

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