Who Are You Most Like? SpottedLeaf Or SandStorm?

This Quiz Is For Girl Warrior Cat Fans. This Quiz Will Determine Whether You Are More Like SpottedLeaf, Or SandStorm. Hope You Enjoy, And May StarClan Light Your Path!!!!!!!!!

Who Are YOU Most Like? SpottedLeaf, Or SandStorm. This Quiz Will Give You The Answer. Hope You Enjoy!!

Created by: LydGirl

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  1. Your Leader Just Announces That There Is A Battle Coming Up! What Do You Do?
  2. You Are Out In The Forest, And You Scent Fox. What Do You Do?
  3. You Have A Dream From StarClan. You Wake Up, And Everything From Your Dream Comes Flooding Back. How Do You Take It?
  4. You Wake Up With Scratches Stinging On Your Pelt. How Do You Take It?
  5. You Hear A Scream In The Night. How Do You Take It
  6. You See A Vision Of Cats Being Engulfed In Darkness. What Do You Do?
  7. While You Are Out In The Forest, You See A Brilliant Sunset, Followed By A Lunar Eclipse. How Do You Take It?
  8. You Are Trekking To The Lake To Get A Drink. You See A Leaf Fall Down And Land In A Spider's Web. What Does That Mean?
  9. Your Leader Calls A Meeting. You Go To Gather Under HighLedge, But No One Else Comes. You IMAGINED It??? What Could That POSSIBLY Mean???
  10. Pick One
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  12. Pick One
  13. Who Do You Like Best??

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Quiz topic: Who am I Most Like? SpottedLeaf Or SandStorm?