Are you Spottedleaf or Firestar?

Depending on what you choose, you are either FireStar the ThunderClan leader Or SpottedLeaf the ThunderClan Medicine Cat Now in StarClan. If you choose something negative you get a low score.

Are you FireStar a Proud Clan leader or SpottedLeaf a StarClan cat?Depending on what you choose, You will be one of them , but if you get a score of 100 you are Both cats!!

Created by: Sakura

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  1. Brambleclaw is drowning. What will you do?
  2. Tawnypelt is fighting a dog pack. you...?
  3. You were the medicine cat. Now it is time to leave Firestar and enter Starclan. You...?
  4. You are the leader.Graystripe is in trouble. You...?
  5. StarClan sends you a journey to go on. you...?
  6. You are VERY loyal to your clan.You have fallen in love with a RiverClan cat. you..?
  7. FernCloud lost her kits. You......?
  8. TwoLegs are destroying the forest. You.....?
  9. You are a kit that is not being watched. You...?
  10. You were a Kitty-pet and want to go to clan life. you....?

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Quiz topic: Am I Spottedleaf or Firestar?