She-cats Only: Warriors Life!!

Learn about who you would be outta my six imagined she-cat warrior friends!! Always also look out for part two, though I'm not sure yet when I will have the time to make it!!!

In the next one(If there is a next one), discover more about your relations to the Clan and who you were meant to be. I hope StarClan will forever light your path!!

Created by: Mistyflower 24780
  1. "Wake up, ____!!" You open your eyes to see your mother, bending over you. You..
  2. "I was just thinking you could go and play with the other kits. Moonfrost (Another queen) told me that her kits couldn't wait to play with you!"
  3. (No matter what you answered, your mother shoves you outside) A white kit approaches you. He is MUCH bigger than you. You...
  4. "It's alright. We just wanna play with you." The tom says. "I'm Sunkit's friend, Icekit." You know Icekit has disloyal parentage, but you're now sure what. You...
  5. Your mother's stare forces you into playing. Icekit introduces you to Shadowkit, a black tom with amber eyes, Petalkit, a beautiful she-kit who seemed to hate you, Treekit, a mature, helpful kit and Hawkkit, another tom, who seemed to hate her, and stuck with Petalkit. "Why do we have to play with HER? She's much weaker than all of us." Petalkit sneered. You know you can fight her. You...
  6. A few moons later... Good news: You are now an apprentice, and so are the kits you played with several moons earlier, and Hawkpaw is friendlier. Bad news: Petalpaw still hates you. And even MORE than before. You have just finished touring camp. In the den, you head for...
  7. You are on a hunting assessment, and your mentor is ill. Morningstar lets you decide who's mentor you want to bring with you. You tell her...
  8. One day, RiverClan decided to rob ThunderClan because Wavestar felt like being evil. ThunderClan was in the middle of fighting off a rogue invasion. Suddenly, you see your mother pinned by two apprentices, your leader fighting three warriors on her last life, and the other apprentices fighting off the RiverClan warriors, and failing. What do you save first?
  9. Your mother died in the battle (No matter what you did she was meant to die), but you became a warrior. Your friends/enemy are now Petalshine, Hawkwing, Icepelt and Treeclaw. What do you do first?
  10. CLIFFHANGA!!! If you're wondering, life stories are very complex so I had to fit it in multiple but I could probably have gone on forever...
  11. Let fate decide... (Btw, this question does affect your score, so have fun getting the right one!!!)
  12. Did you like this?? Btw I only put positive ones, cuz then you'll be lying (Yea i have SO much self-confidence don't I?) Btw #2 this also affects your score.

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