Which warrior medicene cat would you be?

Medicene cats have one of the most important jobs in the clan, they heal the sick and wounded, they recive prophoceys from Starclan, and they are often different from each other.

Which ThuderClan medicene cat would you be? The gentle, sweet, Spottedleaf? The sharp-tounged Yellowfang? The slightly crippled and eager Cinderpelt, or the young healer, Leafpool? You will find out soon!

Created by: Electra

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. A case of greencough has struck the clan! The leader is in danger from losing a life...
  2. A warrior has a deep gash on his chest that could be fatal, what do you do!
  3. What's your personality?
  4. Did you have love, forbidenly?
  5. Out of these cats, who is your favorite
  6. A cat ate deathberrys!
  7. Favorite clan?
  8. Deathberrys?
  9. A cat from another clan needs your help with sickness!
  10. A tick!

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