Spongebob Science quiz 2

So many people in the world have seen or heard of SpongeBob SquarePants- But how many people know SpongeBob? You'd be amazed at your score on this quiz!

SpongeBob is really complex so you can only imagine how complex this quiz is. To take this quiz- you can't only know SpongeBob- but you have to understand him! Find out how well you understand SpongeBob in this quiz!

Created by: Katie
  1. In what order did the videos take place?
  2. In 'Snowball Effect', How many times does Squidward's fire go out?
  3. In 'Mermaidman and Barnacleboy 4', Who was the first one to shrink?
  4. Patchy the Pirate has a bird- What is his name?
  5. In 'Survival of the Idiots', Who is Dirty Dan?
  6. In 'As seen on T.V', What is the commercial's logo?
  7. In 'Squeaky Boots', How does Mr.Krabs get rid of the boots?
  8. In 'Procrastination', How long is the essay?
  9. In 'Pizza Delivery', Why doesn't the customer buy the pizza?
  10. In 'Chocolate with Nuts', when Spongebob and Patrick fail to sell any chocolate bas, What does Patrick suggest?

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