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Extreme means to the maximum level of difficulty, and beyond. That is what this quiz is, and I believe that it might be the hardest SpongeBob quiz on this site!!

If you score high, that is awesome! That means that you know Spongebob soooo much it's scary!! If you don't score high, don't worry, just do your research!!

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  1. In Band Geeks, The Bubble Bowl "real life" crowd is footage from a USFL:
  2. In the Indonesia version of Graveyard Shift, the line "Nosferatu!" was changed to
  3. What is the first episode to use digital ink and paint?
  4. In "I Had an Accident", the gorilla is played by
  5. What is episode number 27a?
  6. In "Sailor Mouth", what does Squidward actually whisper into Mr. Krabs' ear?
  7. All of these episodes were in the Best Day Ever marathon EXCEPT
  8. What was the name of the title card music for "Ripped Pants?"
  9. In "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler", when Squidward shows SpongeBob the picture with the Strangler on it, the number he is holding says "122068." But when SpongeBob shows Mr. Krabs the picture of the Strangler, the number is
  10. Which was the first episode to contain the 2012 100th anniversary Paramount Logo?
  11. Sergeant Rodrick from "Mrs. Puff You're Fired" is a parody of what character from Full Metal Jacket?
  12. In the special "Ugh" when Squog says Tabanga Do what is he actually saying?
  13. What was the first episode to use CG effects?
  14. What is the only Season 3 episode to be featured on a Blu-Ray Disc?
  15. What was the last episode to credit the storyboard artists in the opening credits?
  16. A clip from what episode was shown in the 2014 Spongebob Toyota Commercial?
  17. Martin Olson portrayed which side-character from the series?

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