Know that Spongebob!

There are very little people who know billions of Spongebob facts, and are you one of them? You may not know it right now, but you will know your destiny after taking this quiz!

Are you a spongebob know it all? Do you have the contents in your brain that you need to fufill the spongebob genius level? Go ahead with this quiz to find out...

Created by: mSweEzy

  1. How many characters are in Spongebob?
  2. Spongebob was supposed to be named...
  3. Spongebob and Patrick together are always
  4. Spongebob's favorite color is...
  5. Spongebob has an inny or an outy?
  6. What is the sickness that Spongebob had once contracted?
  7. What were Spongebob and Patrick selling?
  8. What did Spongebob do when he thought Patrick stole ol' reliable?
  9. What was in Patrick's secret box?
  10. What did Spongebob sell from Plankton for Christmas that made everyone in Bikini Bottom horrible?
  11. What did Patrick once do to Mr. Krabs' first dollar to get rid of the problem on it?
  12. When is Spongebob's birthday?

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