Splatoon knowledge test

So basically, Splatoon. 10 questions about the squid game (NOT THAT ONE) that will test what you know about this ink-loaded game. How is that NOT enough text?

I should warn you, this quiz has questions pertaining to completely unused content in these games. Have fun. If you can, or even will. So do the thing.

Created by: RavagerThe44th
  1. What duo are Callie and Marie a part of?
  2. The E-liter 4K/3K is a part of what class?
  3. What game was discovered to have several unused files showing Splatoon gear?
  4. Splatoon takes place after the extinction of...
  5. Splatoon was originally a tech demo starring weird blocks of tofu, true or false?
  6. The main characters of Splatoon are the ______ species.
  7. The _____ _______ headgear has a normally never seen texture on the upper half of it.
  8. The ______ ___ in the plaza has the back fully textured and written in the English language.
  9. The Duel-Squelcher is NOT in ______.
  10. The Octo expansion gave WHAT for completing every mission?

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