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  • Linkable quiz for people to make profile pics.
    [published: Jan 25, 2023]

    This is a quiz you can link. Nothing much else to say. I don't know what you……

  • My Level up quiz
    [published: May 04, 2022]

    It's a level up quiz. Yeah, I just want to hit the next rank. And uh... yeah. I guess that's all there is to……

  • Splatoon knowledge test
    [published: Feb 01, 2022, 1 comment]

    So basically, Splatoon. 10 questions about the squid game (NOT THAT ONE) that will test what you know……

  • Another Halo quiz
    [published: Jan 24, 2022]

    ............halo quiz This charactet limit needs to actually stop i swear to everything whyyyyyyyyyyyyy is GTQ……

  • Halo knowledge test thing
    [published: Jan 21, 2022]

    Think you have the big wrinkled brain? Think you know more about Halo then your own life? Take the……

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