Spider Man Quiz

There are some people who think they know spider-man even more than Stan Lee. Well do they I don't know if thier right or wrong some people are right, others WRONG!!! I have a wide range of different questions for you to try out.

So "Are You Smarter Than Stan Lee about his own creation" only this test knows for sure, so are you willing to take the test. Go on then take it what are you wating for.

Created by: Stephen Gilding

  1. What colors are the 2 symbiots?
  2. What is Black Cat's actual identity?
  3. What year did Spider-Man 3 come out?
  4. Who created Marvel?
  5. Why did doctor conners inject himself with lizard D.N.A?
  6. What can Carnage do with his arms?
  7. What was uncle bens saying?
  8. Who played doctor octopus in spider-man 2?
  9. Who is Venom?
  10. What does S.H.I.E.L.D stand for.

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