Spelling: Do you know how to Spell?

Hi! mSweEzy here again to dominate! Today's quiz is a spelling test. You have to pick the correct spelling of the word and if you get all of the questions correct, you may be able to win a spelling bee!

Can you dominate this quiz? Can you spell stuff correctly? Why am i asking you these questions? Are you even reading this? No your not. Well you wouldnt notice this if you werent reading it, so HA!

Created by: mSweEzy

  1. Which is correct?
  2. Which is correct?
  3. Which is correct?
  4. Which is correct?
  5. Which is correct?
  6. Which is correct?
  7. Which is correct?
  8. Which is correct?
  9. Which is correct?
  10. Which is correct?

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Quiz topic: Spelling: do I know how to Spell?