Soul Eater: Weapon or Meister?

Weapons, Meisters, does it really matter? Well, if you're taking this quiz. Then apparently so! A Meister is someone who wields the weapon, in Soul Eater. A weapon (in soul eater) is a person who can turn into a weapon and is wielded by the Meister.

Which are you? Are you a Meister, or Weapon. You won't know until you take this quiz!! Weapon or Meister, it all depends on what you get on this quiz!

Created by: Painting-Stars

  1. If you saw a cat about to be run over, what would you do?
  2. Ok, One word. What's your personality?
  3. Next, How are you with friendships?
  4. Your partner gets sick, how do you react?
  5. Heh, sorry, don't throw a chair (or anything, for that matter) but, favorite color
  6. Um... Heh... Music genre?
  7. So, you lose your money, what do you do?
  8. What do you want in you partner?
  9. If you were a Meister, what Weapon would you want?
  10. Last question, umm... Did you like it? I hope, it's my first...

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