Which Soul Eater Character Are You?

Lots of people watch anime TV Shows, Like Black Butler, Sword Art Online, Naruto, or Soul Eater. Today Soul Eater is our main focous in this fun quiz!

Have you ever wondered what Soul Eater Character you were? Well, this quite acurate quiz will help you! Are you Death The Kid, Liz, Patti, BlackStar, Tsubaki, Soul, or Maka?

Created by: Hannah

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  1. Ok! Hi, Im Hannah and I'm Here with Death The Kid, Liz, Patti, Soul, Maka, BlackStar, and Tsubaki, To see which one you are!
  2. Ok Maka, You first! Maka: Ok! A test is coming up soon. What do you do? Me: I would study!
  3. Ok! Soul, Your next! Soul: Are you into music? Me: Oooh definitly!
  4. Ok, 5th question... Black Star! BlackStar: Alright! Do you think You can beat me? Because you Can't! Yahoo! Me: ...How'd I know?
  5. Next, is... "My legend starts in th.." Me: Excalibur what are you doing here? Excalibur: Fools!
  6. Question 8! just for you, Kid! Death The Kid: Thanks! Now, what do you think of symmetry?
  7. Ok! Liz and Patti, your next! Liz: Do you like shopping?
  8. Patti: Do you like animals? Like Giraffes? Me: Im surprised she spelled that right!
  9. Ok, that looks like that's it! Lord Death: Hey I want to ask a question! Me: Lord Death? I thought you couldn't leave Death City? Lord Death: Who said we weren't in Death City? Me:...
  10. Lord Death: Well, my question is, what do you think of the DWMA?
  11. Me: Any other going to interupt? Dr. Stein: I'll go next. Do you like dissecting things? Me:...
  12. Ok Last Question! Well, actually just goodbye. The answers have no effect BTW

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Quiz topic: Which Soul Eater Character am I?