Which meister from blue exorcist are YOU ?

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This quiz will help you know which meister from Blue Exorcist you are. Ao no Exorcist ( original title) is a show bassed on the manga by Kazue Kato, all rights reserved.

meister in the show is a clasificacion of how exorcists in the show fight there are five meisters ,Dragoon ,Aria , Knight ,Tamer , and Doctort. they each their own have strengths and weaknesses.

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  1. Favorite weapon ?
  2. attack range?
  3. chose your role in battle
  4. best subject in school / topic you master ( not necesarely school)?
  5. which of these talents do you posses ?
  6. Are you a sword fighter
  7. does not affect your result in the quiz but you need atleast 10 questions so choose one
  8. what is your ideal super power / weapon
  9. is your type of attack an instant kill
  10. last question not related to the quizfavorite character

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Quiz topic: Which meister from blue exorcist am I ?