sorry my story quizzes suck :-/

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Don't read this it's just a rant. Gosh!!! I write good on paper then become lazy and talentless on here! I need to stop rushing things danggggggggg I just wanted to get that idea out there I'm sorry for the disapointment guys I just hate ervything

Gosh why can't I be good :////// In my notebook it's like wow on here it turns to mush!! I rush things cuz of too much pressure gahhhhhh omigod I'll try harder I have better ideas just don't expect any romance. Or at least not a. Lot

Created by: wolf_heart

  1. yeah this is just a rant about everything but it's all in the paragraphs just don't even read this...
  2. And I don't want no hatin' either ya'll don't even take this no maen comments I'm sorry okay? :-/

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