Does he like you?

Does he like me? Does he not? Does he like me, does he not? Stop picking the petals off flowers and take this quiz to find out! He could have totally strong feelings for you, or he may not like you at all. Stop wondering, and learn his feelings right now!

Please remember that these quizzes may not be accurate. Please don't get upset or write mean and cruel things on the posting board because you didn't like the quiz or you didn't get the answer you wanted. I would have to know you if you wanted this quiz to be more accurate.

Created by: tomboy9876
  1. Okay, most important question: does he have a girlfriend?
  2. Does he actually like his girlfriend and hang out with her?
  3. Are you friends?
  4. Does he ever stare at you?
  5. Have you ever hung out?
  6. Has he ever complimented you?
  7. Do you ever routinely do things together? (Ex.- walk to science class every day together)
  8. Has he ever been a gentlemen to you? (ex.-opens the door for you)
  9. You dropped your books in the hallway. What does he do as he passes you?
  10. You need a pencil for a quiz. What does he do?
  11. Do you have each other's numbers? DO you actually text or call each other?
  12. If you don't like long quizzes, by the way, I won't care if you just skip to the end and press the end button. There are enough questions to influence your answer well. But you have to do this one! Do you think he likes you?
  13. Has he ever winked at you?
  14. Is he gay? (VERY important question!)
  15. Do you sit next to each other in any classes?
  16. Does he flirt with you?
  17. How old is he compared to you?
  18. Do you have the same interests? (music, drama, sports, ect.)
  19. How long have you known each other?
  20. Has he ever done anything spectacular or amazing to get your attention?
  21. Has he ever done anything really cute or totally helpful to impress you?
  22. What does he do on Valentine's day?
  23. Has he ever gotten you a gift?
  24. How big of a priority are you to him?
  25. Has he ever changed since you met him? Has he gotten more dressy or acted more kind around you?
  26. You broke you leg, and now your on crutches! What does you crush do?
  27. Why did you take this quiz?
  28. Did you like this quiz?

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