Which of the 7 PETALS are you

7 Petals.. a group of CS guys + IT from the University of San Carlos who are currently in third year. Some of them are influencial, some are just for laughs. Alex, Pooh, Bato, Juno, Men2x, Watin, and Pipo Which one are you most similar to?

who's your inner petal. Find out what it takes to become a petal. Lingaw ni.. Di ka magmahay. Took me quite a long time to make brainstorm these questions. Not to mention the effort. But it'll all worth it, you'll see. Stop reading na ui.. Start taking the quiz!

Created by: Iori Kazuya

  1. One of your interesting hobbies
  2. Which of these things or similar do you own?
  3. Describe yourself physically
  4. What fictional character would you choose?
  5. Future Occupation..
  6. If ever you're given 1 wish. What would you wish for?
  7. Girl: Gwapoha nimo uy! Crush tika! What will be your response?
  8. Status?
  9. Choose your girl. kanang type nimo
  10. Last question na jud: Are you excited to see the results? Prepare to be amazed >:) (warning: do not take this seriously)

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Quiz topic: Which of the 7 PETALS am I