Songs and Singers

You have to be a complete whiz, genius, perfectionist, at this subject SONGS AND SINGERS. You have to be very good at this to pass my inspections and you haveto be good to pass this test!

Are you a whiz a genius a complete and utter perfectionist at songs and singers? Do you have the expertees to pass this test? But thanks to this quiz you will find out.

Created by: Kelsey

  1. Who sings Relay?
  2. Which of these songs are not sung by Rhianna?
  3. Who sings lucky you?
  4. Which of these is not sung by Elvis Presley?
  5. Who sings Beat again?
  6. Which of these is not a JLS song?
  7. What type of singer was Elvis Presley?
  8. Who sings the song It crossed the line?
  9. Is Dave henson Famous (as in Rhianna type person)?
  10. Who sang lost in the supermarket?

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