Female Singers of The 70's and 80's

Few people know what Disco is. And Pop, who knows? These singers brought life to the songs. I challenge you to get the answers right. If you do, then you are a WINNER!

Questions about pop, rock, and disco abound in this quiz. Take it! TAKE IT I say! Please? This is bound to be a Top 40 quiz!Again, thank you! You ALL ROCK!

Created by: T.S.
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  1. Which 80's one-hit wonder had a hit with the song "99 Red Ballons"?
  2. What pop legend was married to Gregg Allman and had a child with him named Elijah Blue?
  3. Who sang the #1 Disco Smash, "Ring My Bell"?
  4. The title, "Queen of Disco" belongs to whom?
  5. Deborah Harry is the lead singer of which band?
  6. Teena Marie was a protege of which Rock Star?
  7. Pat Benatar had hits with the following songs...
  8. Cyndi Lauper recorded a Prince-penned song titled...
  9. Laura Branigan did NOT sing this song...
  10. Diana Ross scored her longest running Billboard Chart topper since her days with The Supremes with this song...
  11. Which of the following was Madonna's first Top 40 hit?
  12. Who had a comeback hit in 1988 with the song, "This Time I Know It's For Real"?
  13. Annie Lennox is the lead singer of which band?
  14. "Lead Me On" was a hit for the singer Maxine Nightengale. What was her only other hit?
  15. In the 80's, The Divine Miss M, had hits with these two songs...
  16. What songstress broke into the business as a Country Western Singer and then became a super POP STAR with the classic, "Magic"?
  17. Tina Turner's Comeback hit in 1983 was?
  18. Barbra Streisand had two disco hits...name one of them.
  19. "Let The Music Play" was sung by which TWO-Hit Wonder?
  20. What was the original title of "Heart Of Glass"?
  21. Who sang "Bette Davis Eyes"?
  22. Bonnie Pointer was a sister of what famous girl group?
  23. Who is Annie Mae Bullock?

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