A Quizz About Female Musicians

This is a quiz about female musicians. To see what you really know about music. I will warn you the quiz isnt easy, but its interesting because there isnt another one like it! If you consider yourslf an expert about female musicians take this quiz and find out!

Lets put your knowledge to the test and see if you are genious. Lets see if you know everything about female musicians. Some of you are going to find out your not as smart as you thought!

Created by: Tara
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  1. The name of Tori Amos first solo debute album is?
  2. Ani Difranco created her own record label. What is the name of her label.
  3. Who played during the Lilith Tours?
  4. Who sang the song "Fast Car?"
  5. Which female artist sang as a backup singer for Michael Jackson?
  6. In 1979 there was the first all female rock band. What is the name of the band or its lead singer?
  7. Who are some all female bands?
  8. The band Evanescence is from which State.
  9. Which female artist plays the guitar?
  10. Which female guitarist stated, "I have piss and vinegar running through my viens."

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