What instrument do you play

This quizz will let you know which instrument are you going to play in our musical life, if you ever have a band :) WARNING - this quizz is mostly about rock music, so if you're a rapper it perhaps won't apply!

So will you take the quizz? will you become the next top 1 guitarist in the world? or will you groove your bass? will you make a raging beat or will you scream like hell? discover it in that fabulous quizz!

Created by: Tristan

  1. What is your favourite band ?
  2. Can you do a pinch harmonic?
  3. What do you like the most in a song?
  4. Why did you began doing music ?
  5. Do you like solos?
  6. Which lenght is better for a song?
  7. What is your favourite solo?
  8. What id the greatest band in the world?
  9. Who is the greatest musician ever?
  10. Did you like that quizzz?

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Quiz topic: What instrument do I play