Somehow They're Alive (part 25)

Okay, this is the second to last segment of "Somehow They're Alive". Up next is the finale. I've decided to combine the finale and the epilogue into one.

Neither the finale nor the epilouge are overly long, so I decided that it would probably work out best that way. Also, baby Josephine will soon be revealed! Are you as excited as I am?

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View~Five Days Later~ Killarney, Ireland*** "This is still so unbelievably wonderful!" Mom kisses my dad again and they fall into a gentle embrace. "I still can't believe Jaslina and her friends actually found you. I never dreamed I could be so happy again!" Even though several days have passed I never grow tired of seeing my mom and father give each other hugs and kisses. Other people my age would say that it's awkward seeing their parents kiss, but I don't mind it one bit. In fact, despite everything else, it gives me so much joy to see my mother happy again. Also, it gives me joy to see my father finally free and standing alongside my mother. Now I guess my family has more of a feeling of completion. Now only if we could find baby Josie... "Mom, I'm going to go visit Ryan. It's been a while since I've talked to him." She smiles at me. "Go right ahead, dear. Dad and I will be back to get you in a while so we can go out to eat or something." "Invite Ryan, too," adds my dad. "I'd like to learn more about the nice young man that's dating our daughter." I grin. So the feeling of having a father finally begins. "Alright, dad, I'll ask him if he wants to come." "No. Tell him he wants to come." I laugh. "Okay, I'll try. It shouldn't be too hard. My boyfriend is a bottomless pit." I walk out the door of the hotel room and gently close it behind me.
  2. "So, I get to come to dinner with you all? It's about time sugar cakes. I've missed you dearly." I turn to see Ryan's soft smile and sparkling brown eyes. I enfold him in a hug. "Ryan, it's great to see you!" After a slight pause, "How long have you been standing there exactly?" "Only for a second. I was coming to see if you could hang out with me for a moment. Since your mother's gotten here it seems like you haven't had any spare time." "I'm sorry. I"”" He puts an index finger gently to my lips. "Hey, don't be sorry. It makes me so happy to see you with your parents. I couldn't possibly feel any happier." "Thank you, Ryan, for being so sweet. I'm glad there are no hurt feelings." "How could there be? If I wasn't happy for you what kind of monster would I be?" He pauses for a second. "So is Audrey's foot healing properly and did your blood work?" "Yes, her foot is doing fine. We're keeping it propped up just like the doctor said. There weren't any complications with the blood I gave her either." "That's good then. With the whole situation with her family I'm glad that they're letting her stay in your hotel room." "I'm glad, too. It's too bad about her parents' though." "I know! Who knew that they'd pull a stunt like that?"
  3. A few days ago we told the doctors about how we came into contact with Audrey. When we came clean about the situation with her kidnapped parents' the Irish police started searching immediately. They retraced all of Sapphire's steps and found not a hint about where they could be. In desperation they finally decided to go back to Audrey's house to look for clues. When they got there they noticed that all of their belongings such as clothes, money, credit cards, jewelry, and anything that could be used as collateral for money had disappeared. At first they thought that they had walked in on a burglary, but then they found a note left on the refrigerator; surprisingly it was only dated one day after their kidnapping. The note, which Audrey said was in her mother's handwriting, had an intricate and detailed confession. Audrey isn't their daughter. She was given to them as a baby by an older couple who also served as their close friends. This baby was given to the older couple by a mysterious single woman who had dropped it off. She'd told them to not tell anyone about this child and to name the baby whatever they wanted. She also told the couple that if they did tell the authorities about the baby that she'd come back and wreak a horrible vengeance. When the woman left they were so scared that they wanted to get the baby out of their home immediately. Because of that they gave the baby, later named Audrey, to Audrey's fake parents. This couple, according to the note, is named Tom and Rosie. When they went to look for Tom and Rosie's house it was completely burned to the ground. We already knew that, of course, but it didn't matter. Whatever evidence they had of Audrey's real identity was burned to ashes and Tom and Rosie were nowhere to be found. At first they were thought to have been burned to death in the fire, but after a careful search of the rubble, discovered this to be untrue. They searched the woods around their house as well, but neither they nor their bodies were found anywhere. Now there's a theory going around that they fled Ireland along with Audrey's fake mom and dad.
  4. When Audrey first heard all of this we were sure she'd cry; instead she laughed. She laughed with disbelief and with a complete blissful freedom. "˜I've been so scared of them and have felt trapped for so long!' she said. "˜The fact that they're finally out of my life is unbelievable!' When we asked her where she's going to live and about her true identity she said, "˜I'm going to college and getting a part time job. I'll live in my dorm and at holidays I'll see if I can go home with friends. As for my true identity and my parents, I'll keep searching until I find them and my real name. As for now I'll continue to go by Audrey MacDermott and make my new life as pleasant and promising as possible.' "It's amazing that having her parents just disappear could have such a positive effect on her, "I say. "Hey, I know how she feels. Having my mother just disappear into the prison system has had a positive effect on me. It makes me sad to think that she ruined her life, but at the same time I feel joy and independence. Without her hindering me I can make a better life for myself; for us. There are so many opportunities that I have now and didn't before. We can have such a happy life together. The future looks bright, Jaslina." I rest my head on his shoulder. "That it does, Ryan. That it does."
  5. We walk into Ryan and Jay's hotel room. You can tell it's a couple of boys who are occupying this room, because the beds are unmade, the curtains are closed, and clothes are littering the floor. Jay and Rayla have pushed some of the clothes out of the way and are sitting on the floor playing Call of Duty on the x-box. Tammy and Audrey are sitting on the bed watching them. Audrey's bandaged foot is sitting on top of two pillows. "Audrey, you didn't walk here on that foot did you?" I ask. She gives another one of her happy and genuine smiles. She's been giving a lot of those lately. "Relax, Jaslina. Tammy and Rayla carried me here." "Tammy and Rayla carried you here?" Ryan asks skeptically. "Yeah. Audrey's really not that heavy," Tammy replies with a shrug. "All right, then." To me, Ryan says, "The balcony is a lot cleaner. Do you want to go out there and sit?" "Of course," I reply already following him. We sit out on the balcony for a long while, talking and laughing. For the first time in days Sapphire and/or Landon don't come into the conversation. Eventually Tammy and Audrey join us out here and we play a game of Life. An hour later Jay and Rayla come outside as well, doubling the fun. Let's face it; Jay's sarcastic comments can double the fun in anything! When my mom and dad come to fetch me and Ryan to take us to some fancy restaurant we're a little bit sad to separate from them, but eager as well. Who knew my parents could love Ryan so much?
  6. ***Later***"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rowe. Lunch was fantastic. Are you sure that you don't want me to reimburse you on my meal?" "Not a chance, Ryan. It was on us." "Really? Then I must thank you once again." Dad chuckles. "What's so funny?" I ask him. "Nothing. It's just that I can't believe you're the son of the woman who kidnapped me. You're entirely different from her. If I hadn't known your last name I never would've guessed that you're Gina Caroga's offspring." Ryan smiles at the complement. "If you would've known me about a year ago you would've said just the opposite. God changes people, Mr. Rowe." "Don't I know it? I'm so glad to see that you came to Christ." Ryan's about to say something else when my mom's phone rings, interrupting him. She opens up her purse and digs for it until she finds it. "Ah ha! Here it is!" She looks at the name on the screen and has a concerned look on her face. As if deciding that we all want to hear this she puts it on speaker. "Good afternoon, Doctor," She says.
  7. "Hello to you, too, Mrs. Rowe. Listen, would you be willing to bring you, your husband, your daughter, and Ms. Audrey MacDermott to the hospital within thirty minutes? There is something that we need to discuss." A surge of panic washes over me. "Is there something wrong with the blood I donated?" I ask. "No! Not at all! The blood that you gave Audrey went over swimmingly. It's just that we found something very... interesting...about the blood you gave, Ms. Jaslina; something very interesting indeed." "Can't you tell us what it is?" asks dad. "Yes, but not over the phone. We'd like to tell you in person." The doctor pauses for a second and then continues. "I know that this might seem a little off topic, but would you be willing to bring the birth certificate and foot prints of baby Josephine?" "Whatever for?" asks my mother. "It will all be explained once you get here, that I promise you. Could you all please get here as soon as possible?" "We'll be there in twenty minutes, doc," says dad. "We'll see you soon." Exchanging confused glances we make our way toward our rooms so that we can fetch Audrey and the needed documents.
  8. ***The doctor and his colleagues close the door behind us as mom, dad, Audrey, and I enter the spacious room. The sun is shining in through the windows creating a beautiful glow despite the plainness of the room. The doctors are all huddled together whispering as I pull up one of the extra chairs for Audrey to rest her foot on. Mom and dad are off in their own corner pacing the floor in thought. Audrey's perplexed features must match my own, for her face corresponds with what I feel inside. "Jaslina, do you have any idea what we're here for?" she asks me. "No. We tried asking him over the phone, but he said that he wanted to tell us all in person." "What does this have to do with me?" "I don't know. I'm not sure what this has to do with any of us whatever it is." The doctor separates from his still whispering colleagues and walks over to us. He has a smile on his face that stretches from ear to ear. Strangely it looks authentic rather than fake. "Why don't you all take a seat so we can get started? I bet that you're all wondering why I've called you here." "Actually yes we are," says dad. Even dad's irritation can't damper the brightness of the doctor's personality. "Well then, I suppose it's time to get out the charts. We've maximized them so that you can see every detail." A woman in a lab coat sets up two easels and sets two large diagrams on both of them. Both of them contain enlarged strands of DNA. One is labeled with my name and the other with Audrey's.
  9. "As we've all learned from going to school, DNA is what makes up a person. A person get's fifty percent from their mother and fifty percent from their father. Therefore, if two people aren't related then the DNA doesn't match; even if you have the exact same blood type it will not match if you're not related. However, sometimes when a person donates a kidney, a liver, blood, or something of that sort a doctor will find matching DNA on accident. This doesn't happen too often, but sometimes it does, and we end up getting long lost family members back together..." "Doc, are you saying that"”" "Well, yes. I guess that is what I'm saying, Mr. Rowe. I suppose I should just be out with it. From the blood that your daughter donated to Audrey, we found out that Jaslina's DNA is an exact match to Audrey's. I do believe that we have just found baby Josephine." I feel my jaw drop and my eyes widen. Mom, dad, and I can do nothing except for stare at Audrey. Audrey can do nothing but stare at us. Whether we're happy I don't know yet; right now we're too shocked to feel any other emotion. Audrey clears her throat before asking, "Are you serious? Jaslina is really my sister? Mr. and Mrs. Rowe are really my parents? This is my family?" You'd have to be blind not to see the hopefulness in her eyes.
  10. "Yes, right now I and my colleagues are ninety-nine point five percent sure that this is your real family. If Mr. and Mrs. Rowe would be so kind at to donate some of their DNA and give us a peek at the documents I asked them to bring we could turn ninety-nine point five into one-hundred." "Really?" she asks. The doctor smiles kindly. "Absolutely." She jumps up to embrace the doctor and as do I. Mom and dad get up to shake his hand warmly. Once Audrey and I release the doctor we embrace each other. This is too incredible! Audrey being my sister? The thought of it is too wonderful to bear! "If it's alright with all of you, my colleagues and I would like to send samples of your blood to an American lab. With both us and the Americans testing it there will be practically no room for error." My dad laughs happily. "By all means, send samples of our DNA to America. We would love to have more people search for a match so long as it cuts down on the chances for mistakes." The doctor gives him a nod of agreement. "How about the rest of you? Are you willing to oblige?" "Yes, doctor. Of course we will." "Great!" He says. "Follow me down to the exam room where we'll draw your blood." Without a word we follow him, happy at the prospect of getting back further results.

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