Somehow They're Alive (part 10)

Welcome to part 10! I didn't get any comments for part 9, so what did you think? I tried to do some foreshadowing in part 9 to prepare you for this part.

I haven't been getting many comments so please leave some. Also, do you think that I should add another romantic part with Rayla and Jay or not? Do you want boyfriends for Audrey and Tammy too?

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Tammy is the first to wake up. For some reason she's a morning person. As soon as she wakes up and gets herself dressed in the bathroom she's waking up the rest of us. None of us take any time out for breakfast or to relax. The only thing we can focus on is gathering our things and heading out the door. Since we prepaid for the room we don't need to talk to anybody before we go. I fold up the last of our blankets and add them to my stack. Everybody else has already finished packing and is downstairs waiting for me. I took longer sleeping and getting dressed than the rest of them, so that's most likely what put me behind schedule. Picking up the massive pile my eyes carefully look around the room. Except for the unmade beds the room is squeaky clean. Just as I'm about to head for the door I remember the bathroom. Somebody might have left something in there. I should probably go check. I set the blankets down beside the door and saunter into the tiny room containing nothing more than a toilet, a window, and a shower stall. I look beside the toilet and inside the shower without finding anything. Wonderful; nothing was left behind. Before walking out I look at myself in the mirror above the toilet. I don't look perfect, but considering the situation I'd say I look pretty nice.
  2. While I'm tucking a loose lock of hair behind my ear I hear a noise. It isn't a loud crash or a bang. In all honesty it is so quiet that I could've just been imaging it. For a long ten seconds I stand in the same place hardly breathing. When I don't hear it again I laugh at myself. "Jaslina," I say, "you are much too paranoid. Quit imagining things." Immediately as those words leave my mouth I hear it again. Bed springs. It sounds like somebody bouncing on a bed, only it's very quiet. But that's impossible right? If somebody else were in this room I would've heard them walk in. In an attempt to calm myself I say, "Come on, Jaslina, its only paranoia. You aren't hearing anything. It's a trick of the mind." Suddenly I hear the bed springs again followed by footsteps coming toward me. "Actually, no it isn't. You should know yourself better than that, Jaslina. You've never been scared to the point where you imagine noises." I open my mouth to scream, but a strong male hand is clamped over my mouth. "Please don't scream! I don't want to hurt you. I just want to talk to you. We were friends once. Remember?" The boy's voice is all too familiar. Afraid to look at him directly I glance at his reflection in the mirror where he catches my gaze. I'm expecting fear to grip me, but it doesn't. Instead its fear mixed with confusion and nausea. All the same it's mostly fear. How did Landon get in here?!
  3. For a long moment neither of us says a word. Finally he takes his hand off of my mouth and takes a few steps back. The moment he releases me I run for the door only to have him grab me by the waist. I'm expecting him to do something to harm me, but he doesn't. He's just standing there holding me by the waist so I can't run. "Let go of me, Landon! You can't keep me trapped here! If you do anything to hurt me I'll"”" He cuts me off. "Jaslina, relax. I don't want to hurt you, or capture you, or do anything to you. I only want to talk." "Why should I believe you? It's probably a trick!" "It isn't. Please just trust me. If you hear what I have to say I'll leave and I won't hurt you or anyone else. I promise." I scoff. "The promise of a criminal and a trader. What's that worth to me?" Completely ignoring my comment he says, "You need to get your friends and get out of here. If you don't things could get ugly." "Get ugly, huh? So you're telling me destroying a restaurant, stealing a car, kidnapping someone's parents, burning down a house, and leaving threatening notes isn't ugly? You're just as sick and twisted as Sapphire!" "You don't understand! All of those things are bad, yes, but it's about to get worse. Believe me when I say that Sapphire's just getting warmed up. If you don't leave now some of you won't make it out of here alive." That catches my attention. "What do you mean?"
  4. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I'm leaning against the van eating canned apple sauce and a large chunk of cheese for breakfast. In case that doesn't fill me up, a waitress gave me a tiny package with three crackers in it. It's not the type of breakfast I'm used to, but it'll have to do. I turn to watch Tammy shove her share of the bags into the van. Hopefully she leaves enough room for Jaslina's share of the things. Taking another bite of cheeses, I look at my watch. I wonder what taking Jaslina so long. I know that women can take a long time getting ready, but this is ridiculous. And strange. She never takes this much time getting ready. "Ryan, are you okay? You seem nervouse." I turn into the concerned gaze of Audrey. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm only wondering about what's keeping Jaslina." "I'm wondering the same thing. Perhaps we should send someone to check on her," Audrey replies. "Rayla, will you go?" asks Tammy. "Sorry, I can't. I'm taking inventory."I shove one more bite of apple sauce in my mouth before saying, "I'll go check on her." "Make sure she has all the blankets, too," commands Tammy. "I will." I put my hands in my jeans pockets and walk through the parking lot toward the door.
  5. ***Jaslina's Point of View*** Landon has a concerned look on his face. Like he's scared to death. What he's scared of or who he's scared for I can't tell. "Well?" I say, "Go on. Since you have me trapped here you might as well answer my question." He clears his throat and continues. "I mean that Sapphire would kill you all, get arrested, and get a lethal injection if it means keeping you from finding you sister and dad. I'm not just making this entire thing up off the top of my head. Sapphire told me that herself. It isn't safe here for you guys." Neither of us says anything for a moment. I'd use this time to run, but he hasn't let me go yet. Tired of the silence, I say, "So why would you be warning us? You betrayed us for Sapphire. Remember?" A look of pain comes across his face, and he opens his mouth to say something. Before he can, however, there is a knock on the door. Thank goodness. I'm saved! "Jaslina, are you alright? What's taking you so long?" calls Ryan from the other side of the door. I'm expecting Landon to run into the bathroom, lock the door, and crawl out the window at this point. Instead he does just the opposite. He finally releases my waist and moves to go sit on one of the beds. So he can't run at the last minute I shut the bathroom door and stand in front of it. "Ryan, hurry up and get in here! It's an emergency! Landon is in here!"
  6. "What? Jaslina, if you're kidding around you'd better stop it. You know that the names Landon and Sapphire don't sit well with me." "I'm not joking! He's sitting right in front of me!" Even though the door is locked he manages to force it open. It surprises me that the door stayed on its hinges he knocked it ajar with such strength. The second his eyes find Landon he wrestles him to the ground and pins one arm behind his back. "Listen to me you little demon. This is the last moment of your life right now, so you'd better enjoy it. I know that I will." Ryan is about to strangle him, but for some reason I stop him. "Don't hurt him! He didn't do anything to harm me. He just wanted to talk to us." "He's got you brainwashed! I know that he tried to hurt you, and that Sapphire's in here somewhere!" "Sapphire really isn't with him and he didn't try to hurt me. Landon has been in the same room with me for at least ten minutes. If he wanted to hurt me he would've done it already." The only reason I say that is because I don't want to see Ryan kill someone with his bare hands right in front of me. Of course, now that I think about it, what I'm saying is true. If his goal was to hurt me or to capture me I'd most likely be in a bowling ball bag half dead right now. By the look on his face I conclude that he's at least considering my words. "She's telling the truth, Ryan," says Landon sounding slightly out of breath. "If my reason for being here were less than good I'd already have her knocked out, gagged, and far away from here." Releasing Landon from his death grip, he works his way to his feet. "Alright, fine. I'll hear what you have to say, but if I sense any danger I'm calling the police."
  7. "Thanks. Now like I just said to Jaslina, you guys need to get on the first plane out of here. It isn't safe." Ryan jeers. "Really? That's strange because Sapphire told us the same thing in here mystery letters." Landon slaps himself on the forehead. "Mystery letters? Sapphire told me that she wasn't going to do that. Some girlfriend she is." "My sister went behind your back, huh. Don't worry; you'll get used to it. It's one of her many wonderful traits." With both teeth and fists clenched, he replies, "Don't talk about my girlfriend that way. She doesn't mean to be so awful. If I stay with her I can help her." The angry look in Ryan's eyes changes to a look of sympathy as he puts a hand on Landon's shoulder. "Dude, are you even listening to yourself? I hate to talk about my sister like this, but she's a dangerous menace who only loves herself. The best way to help her is to pray for her at a distance." "You're wrong! She needs me!" "She doesn't need you. What she needs is Christ and professional help. You can't help her unless you pray." Landon completely changes the subject. "Alright, I didn't come here to discuss my relationship problems. I came here to warn you of the danger." I sigh. "All right. We're all ears. Just tell us and get out of here." "And make it quick," adds Ryan. "If we're up here for too much longer than the others will come looking for us." Landon smiles. "Thanks. I'm glad you trust me." "We don't trust you." His smile fades. "I don't blame you. If I were in your spot I wouldn't trust me either." Clearing his throat, "anyway, this is what I came to warn you about. Sapphire just found out a piece of information that changes everything. At first she just wanted to scare you. Not anymore. Due to what her sources have told her she now wants to try to kill you."
  8. "Kill us? Is she insane! If she gets caught she'll probably get the death penalty!" Ryan exclaims. "She knows that. She doesn't care. All Sapphire wants is to keep you from finding Jaslina's family and finding out the secret." "What is this secret?" "I don't know. She's so freaked out by it that she isn't even willing to tell me about it. What she did tell me is that you're dangerously close to finding it out. You're so close that you could even figure it out on accident. You're sister is running scared." I walk over beside Ryan and put a hand on Landon's other shoulder. I say, "Landon, how did you get yourself into this mess? You were a Christian who was walking with the Lord. What happened to make you backslide?" "Jaslina, you're changing the subject again. I'm not here to discuss my love life. I'm here to warn you." "You've already warned us. Now I want to warn you." "Also, knowing what happened to make you betray us would be nice to know." Landon jerks away from our grasps. "Oh? Well what happened to make you betray your family, Ryan?" "It's simple. I came to Christ, and he changed me. I knew that helping my mom and sister with their kidnappings wasn't good, so I switched sides. Of course, I couldn't have done it without God's help." "That's very touching." "Come on, Landon. I told you why I switched sides. Now it's your turn." "Fine. It was shortly after the fire in Baghdad."
  9. "You mean the one Sapphire set at the underground hotel?" "Yes. Ryan got you and Rayla out in time, but he was too late for Tammy and me. The White-dressed Woman, Sapphire, and Akmal had gotten to us first. They held us at the abandoned airport for weeks as bait to catch you two and Rayla. I was terrified. " He cuts off. I want to tell him to go on, but I don't. Eventually he continues. "Sapphire would deliver us two meals a day. She'd give us one in the morning and one in the evening. Despite my fear and despite her cruelty I couldn't help but think of her as beautiful. Her long, curly, black hair; her ruby red lips; her deep brown eyes; how tiny and delicate she seemed. To me she seemed like a goddess. Then it happened. That one thought came into my mind. It was the thought that I'd do anything to have her for myself. At the moment I thought I was kidding myself! Then things changed. Well she was delivering my evening meal she caught me staring at her like an idiot. At first she thought that I was scared or that I thought her hair looked messy. 'Stop staring at me! I know that my hair looks bad, but that doesn't mean you have to stare!' she said to me. I looked away from her. "˜I don't think that your hair looks bad at all.' Once I said that she giggled. "˜You're scared of me, aren't you?' When I didn't answer she squatted and looked me in the face. "˜It's too bad that you're such a goody goody. You're very handsome.' 'You think that I'm handsome?' I asked. She laughed and sat down next to me. "˜Yes. I actually do. What do you care?' Why I said this I have no idea. "˜Nothing. It's just that I didn't think that someone as gorgeous as you would find me at all attractive.' She kissed me on the mouth after I said that. "˜Too bad you're the enemy. I could have someone like you around. I couldn't even name all of the advantages to having an enemy turn ally.' That's when I made the worst mistake of my life. The next day when she delivered my morning meal she showed up with her mother. They made me an offer. If I switched sides and helped them trap you then they'd give me new clothes, better food, a decent place to sleep, and I'd get Sapphire for myself. The deal sounded too good to refuse, so I accepted."
  10. Ryan and I sit on either side of Landon. Ryan is the first to speak. "That sounds about right. Sapphire can make herself seem so pretty and charming at times that a boy would be willing to bungee jump off a cliff for her." "It wasn't as wonderful as you thought it'd be was it?" "No. It was great at the start, but I ended up hating it. Now I hate it even more. Sapphire isn't the way she was when I was first attracted to her. Now she's a maniac who's scared to death. But I can't just desert her can I?" "She isn't your problem, Landon. It isn't too late for you, remember. You can call the authorities and turn yourself in. You can get your life back together." "I can't do that. I'm not deserting Sapphire. I know that she's gone a little nutty lately, but I won't leave her. I still love her too much." "But because you love her you're hurting yourself. It's safest for you to do what Ryan said earlier. Pray for her and love her at a distance." "I'm sorry. I just can't bring myself to do that. When I say I'm sorry, I really am sorry. For everything." Just as he's about to say something else his phone rings. "I have to go. Sapphire's gonna be looking for me soon." He grabs a rope out from under the bed and goes into the bathroom. He knots it to the base of the toilet and lowers the rest of it out of the window. Just as he's about to jump out he says, "Once again, get out of here! It isn't safe. I care about Sapphire, but I care about you guys too. I don't want you dead." With those words he lowers himself by the rope and runs off. I feel kind of sorry for him, but at the same time I don't trust him. I think I'm going to add him to my prayer list.

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